About Us

After our son was diagnosed with Autism we opened our eyes to unconventional medicine, we tried many different approaches to helping him. Three years ago, another parent suggested trying Chiropractic to help with his bed-wetting issue and so it did very successfully after only a few sessions. It was an amazing experience so the whole family started going regularly to a Chiropractor for different issues.

My husband had what it’s called Dowager’s hump or Kyphosis which is basically an extra fatty tissue stored at the base of the neck due to the structural changes in his cervical spine, he would have a hard time sleeping during the night.

I had serious spine and neck issues that caused constant headaches some days I couldn’t function due to the migraines, I had a hard time turning my head to my left side more than 50 degrees. I am a retired professional ballet dancer with over 15 years of experience and those years took a toll on my body that I didn’t realize.

We’ve been regularly going to a Chiropractor for a few years and after each session, we would be recommended to use a rolled towel and lay on it for 20 min to help with the progress. My husband and I noticed that it was hard to roll the towel each time the same thickness and shape sometimes the unsuccessful shape would irritate my neck instead of helping.

We thought that there should be a better way. We spoke to our Chiropractor, and he recommended purchasing a professional neck stretcher that was molded specifically for individuals, but it takes a lot of time for it to be made and it was too expensive.

Soon after that, we couldn’t afford to continue going to the Chiropractor, but we needed to find a way to maintain the results we have accomplish. We wanted a product that people could use to maintain progress between sessions, and something that was simple, effective, and portable, so that they could get the benefit when not able to attend physiotherapy, either due to cost, convenience, or travel.

This is how the idea of a Neck Cradle started. After researching and testing we found a few models that have been the best match for helping our family’s health.

Three years later my husband’s issue is no more there, he is sleeping much better and getting the rest he needs. I can turn my head when my kids call me, my headache is long gone, and we are able to enjoy physical exercises and spending time with our kids without pain being in the way, all that thanks to regular use of our Neck Stretchers a cost sufficient way to ascend your health.