Graphene Heating Pad For Neck

Graphene heating can be transferred to the deepest skin tissues, starting the heating process from the inside to the outside making it more radiant, long lasting, natural, and healing.  It helps you awaken activity of cervical vertebrae, activate stiff muscles, ligaments help blood circulation and relieve pain.   When you choose to combine our Neck Cradles with a Graphene heating pad, not only will you stretch your cervical spine but also you will relax tight muscles in the neck and jaw, release tension and pressure, and help blood circulation.   Our Graphene heating pad has 3 adjustable temperatures and 3 automatic shutdown functions, providing you with convenient options to best fit your needs. Just plug the USB cable into the power bank, PC or USB adapter (5V=1A charger/DC USB input) and you are ready to enjoy.   Small but durable, our Graphene heating pad can be used for about any part of the body you like to. Its USB cable is long at 61” which gives you enough length to attach it either to a portable power bank, your laptop, PC or USB adapter.