Lower Back Stretch Pillow

The Lower Back Stretcher utilizes a design that completely supports the lower back as well as mid back, allowing your back muscles to relax in total comfort.   Curved design: The lumbar spine physiological range is 26°, and its C-shape design aligns with the human lumbar spine physiological curve! Multifunctional design: In addition to lumbar traction, it can be used as an everyday sofa or seat cushion! The product comes with straps so you can use it anywhere you sit, from your car to the office. It can also be used as a back stretcher for yoga. Relieve Back Pain and Improve Posture: Lumbar traction can effectively alleviate the problem of lumbar pain caused in daily life from sitting at computers for long periods of time to long-distance driving.  Using the Lower Back Stretcher 10-15 minutes a day can correct sitting posture and effectively relieve pain from sciatica and slipped or bulging discs after only 3 months! Relieve Back Pain Naturally: Whether you’re suffering from upper, middle, or lower back pain, you can target the area by stretching and introducing progressive extension in your spine. You will be able to gently realign your spine and eliminate pain.   The Back Stretcher is made from a high-density elastic foam Polyurethane material that’s gentle on skin yet durable and soft to the touch. Its advanced memory foam is designed to compress for comfort while maintaining its natural healing shape to hold you in safe position. The 10 acupressure massage nodes are designed to simulate Shiatsu massage to target the back acupoints and deliver soothing and refreshing massages to help reduce muscle pressure, stiffness, and fatigue. Compared to the traditional acupuncture lumbar traction board, the flexible Polyurethane foam material lumbar traction board is more comfortable and less irritating for your skin. Please note,